Why Choose VOICE?

VOICE feels different from other charter schools.

Students, teachers and staff are happy to be at VOICE. In order to instill a lifelong love of learning in our students, we seek employees who embody and model the same attitudes-- who joyfully and creatively approach daily challenges; who thrive in an environment where they are supported and pushed to do their best; and who can collaborate with a diverse team united by shared values. Like a choir, every distinct individual voice matters-- but the sum is so much richer than its parts.

“We have a unique bond as teachers here that I don’t always see at other schools.”
- VOICE Teacher

We are uniquely connected to our local community in Long Island City and Queens District 30, one of the most diverse sections of New York City (and the world!). In addition to enjoying extremely high rates of parent participation and satisfaction, we have developed strong connections with PS111 (where our elementary grades are co-located) and several local community organizations and cultural sites. Over the past decade we have partnered with local organizations to engage students and families in service projects, cultural expos, arts workshops, and public performances-- just to give a few examples.

At VOICE you can feel the love. Every student is listened to and cared for. Every teacher is supported with the resources to ensure that each student learns. We don’t just teach kids to learn; we teach kids to want to learn. And we encourage kids, as they often naturally do, to keep asking “why?”

“VOICE is a really special place where the teachers feel really supported in becoming better educators.”
- VOICE Teacher

If we want our students to leave VOICE with a sense of autonomy and joy in learning, how do we teach that? Part of it is continuously pursuing the “why” behind everything. In addition to developing advanced musical skills, students choose to explore deeply other areas that interest them: theater, visual art, chess, and athletics among others. When given a chance to excel at something they love, students develop healthy practice habits and confidence. Discipline is an essential quality-- one that isn’t imposed on children through regimented activity or chants, but modeled in a safe space that encourages risk-taking and independence. For adults, sometimes it’s just as much about stepping out of the way as it is about helping and supporting.