General FAQs

Frequently asked questions about VOICE Charter School


What is a charter school?

In New York City, charter schools are public schools that are able to maintain some independence from local school districts. In exchange for this independence, charter schools must maintain high standards of accountability by promising higher levels of academic achievement for their students. Each charter school has its own board of directors and is independent, although some charter schools are supported by education management organizations and thus share values and resources with other charters. The vast majority of funding for charter schools comes from tax levies and public money. VOICE Charter School is permitted to have a longer school day to accommodate our music program as a result of this charter status. For more information on charters and charter schools, please visit the website of the New York City Charter Center.


What type of transportation to school will my child receive?

VOICE does not provide busing. Student transportation is offered by the New York City Office of Pupil Transportation. Please click here to learn more about the general education transportation eligibility guidelines.


Why can't you guarantee busing for my child?

VOICE Charter School does not provide busing and unfortunately we do not have the staff to provide customer service for busing issues. The Department of Education will provide busing in the same manner it does for district schools.